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Cagle and Associates.

Cagle and Associates is a Law Firm that focuses on property management of investment properties We are ideal for real estate investors who want a larger return on their investments.

Cagle and Associates does full service property management priced significantly less than traditional property managers.  Our strategies and services focus on:  
  • Creative marketing strategies aimed at long-term leases.  Our average initial lease term is TWO YEARS!

  • Tenant showings and screenings.

  • Lease preparation.  Leases are prepared to suit your needs, and are not a one size    fits all form.

  • Rent collection and distribution.

  • 24/7 home repair and maintenance coordination.

  • Tenant issues resolution, and, if necessary, eviction.
Have a lawyer on your side!

More than 40 years of history in the
Lewisville, Flower Mound and Highland Village area.
Our family helping your family.

Cagle and Associates
426 Longfellow Dr.,
Highland Village, TX 75077


(f) 831-302-9544

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