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Cagle and Associates is a Law Firm that focuses on property management of investment properties We are ideal for real estate investors who want a larger return on their investments.

Cagle and Associates does full service property management priced significantly less than traditional property managers.  Our strategies and services focus on:  
  • Creative marketing strategies aimed at long-term leases.  Our average initial lease term is TWO YEARS!

  • Tenant showings and screenings.

  • Lease preparation.  Leases are prepared to suit your needs, and are not a one size    fits all form.

  • Rent collection and distribution.

  • 24/7 home repair and maintenance coordination.

  • Tenant issues resolution, and, if necessary, eviction.
Have a lawyer on your side!

More than 40 years of history in the
Lewisville, Flower Mound and Highland Village area.
Our family helping your family.

Current Client Recommendations:

"Cagle and Associates has made the process of renting out our previous home a breeze.  They consulted on what needed to be done to the property prior to renting and helped establish a fair market rental price.  They found a great family to lease the place and allowed us to enjoy our new home on the other side of the metroplex without the stress and worry about managing a rental."

~Nathan and Violet L.

"Cagle and Associates is an exceptional, full service property management firm.  I have used them for just over a year now, with a very positive experience thus far.  Prior to using Cagle and Associates, I managed my rental property myself.  Cagle and Associates helped me find a tenant, secure a long term lease, manages collections, and coordinates repairs as needed.   Thank you Cagle and Associates for making having an investment property such a positive, worry free experience!"

~Jack L.

Cagle and Associates
426 Longfellow Dr.,
Highland Village, TX 75077


(f) 831-302-9544

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